March 18, 2009

Horse Protection Society of BC will hold it's Annual General Meeting on March 30/09 in Langley, BC. Anyone wishing to attend may use the contact numbers below for more details. To receive a copy of the latest newsletter by email, including updates on "Noel the Christmas Pony" please email us at the address below! Thanks for your interest in Horse Protection!

December 2, 2008

Laddie, rescued Thoroughbred gelding, babysitting Abigail Scott, rescued Appaloosa cross filly. Abby has been adopted & is boarding on the property. Laddie is in "forever" sanctuary with us after three bouts of navicular disease. His feet may ache now & then, but he's the perfect companion.

Toonie, rescued Appaloosa mare with Abigail Scott
Toonie broke out and went to the horsie singles bar one night. Abby is her love child. Even though we've no idea who boyfriend is, Toonie obviously has terrific taste in men. Toonie is very sweet and available for adoption. She is sound, green broke & a gorgeous amber champagne colour. She has reverse dapples, snowflakes and a frosted mane. She will be an excellent trail horse and loving friend.

*Great news on seems she has found a friend! Toonie is tentatively being adopted by Tammy after completion of her training program. Tammy and her daughter Courtney offer a wonderful, loving home for Toonie - we couldn't be more pleased!

For the heart-wrenching story of our latest rescue, click here.

If you can find it in your heart to donate for the care of Noel the Christmas Pony, please do so at any CIBC branch, in his name. Noel needs surgery and will need training to ensure his future.

Training is the key to securing the future of any horse. Many horses are sent to auction unbroke and not papered and their value lies mostly in meat. Horse Protection Society is currently raising money to put towards professional training for Toonie, to help with training for Noel the Christmas Pony, and to start a fund for future rescues as well. If we can place them back in society in a useful role we can help assure their value for a long time to come. Donations will be gratefully accepted either by contacting us directly or by donating through CIBC and the 'Noel the Christmas Pony' account.


The Horse Protection Society of BC
was founded in 1984 by Melva McLean. Our mission is to:

*Prevent cruelty to horses, whether deliberate or due to ig
*Educate the public about equine needs

*Provide information and guidance with regards to horse care

*Stop the inhumane slaughter of horses

We are entirely volunteer-run. All donations go directly for horse rescue and rehabilation. We are based in Langley, BC, forty minutes from downtown Vancouver.

Contact us:

Horse Protection Society of BC
#56, 5301-204th Street

Langley, B.C. V3A 6S7

Telephone: 604-514-3525 or 604-539-8391
Email: hpsforhorses (at)

"We are responsible forever for that which we tame."
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery, from The Little Prince